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At its core, a comprehensive business insurance solution will help protect a company’s property, income and financial assets. Small businesses that choose a business owner’s policy enjoy the broad protection of commercial property, general liability and business income coverage through a single policy.
Commercial property insurance – Most businesses own a substantial amount of physical property. This property may include one or multiple locations as well as tools, computers, inventory and even accounts receivable. Commercial property insurance can help cover the loss of these assets if they are damaged or destroyed by a covered event.
General liability insurance – No matter how cautious businesses are, accidents can happen. For example, a customer may accidentally get hurt in a company’s store, or employees may accidentally damage customer property while working on-site. General liability insurance can help protect businesses from liability claims such as bodily injury, property damage or even advertising mistakes.
Business income insurance – Businesses rely on many types of property to function and generate income. If business operations are suspended due to a covered loss like a fire or theft, business income insurance can help replace income lost because of the covered event.

Your business is unique and deserves coverage appropriate to the specific risks you face. That’s why Serrano Insurance Agency offers a wide range of options that allow you to customize your policy with coverage endorsements to address your unique needs. Some popular options include:
Cyber Data breach coverage – Most businesses are at risk of data breaches. Data breach insurance can help replace lost income if a business shuts down temporarily due to a breach. It can also help cover the costs associated with managing the breach. With data breach coverage from our Top insurance partners, businesses can even access support services to assist them in creating policies and best practices that help prevent breaches from happening in the first place.
Workers’ compensation – In the event that an employee suffers from a workplace injury or illness, workers’ compensation insurance from our Top insurance partners can help pay for the associated medical expenses as well as compensate the employee while they take time off to recover from a work related injury or illness. If you have employees, Florida require this coverage.